Event Support Service

You are not alone if you have never used a bartending service. Our bar consultation is a great place to start! We will walk you through the steps to create a successful bartended event.

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Cocktail Bar Package

Everything you need to compliment your spirits!

Packages include Fresh, handmade mixes, organic juices, carbonated & still waters, sodas, bar mixers, produce, and modifiers, including dry goods.

Mixer Package

Stick to the basics.

Orange, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Pineapple Juices, Brand Sodas, Sweet n’ Sour, Carbonated, and Still Waters.
Lemon, Lime, Olives, and Cherry Garnishes plus, Dry Goods

On the Rocks

Bagged Ice

Perfect for chilling your beer and wine.  Good for cocktails.

Craft Cocktail Ice

Great for our specialty cocktail recipes.  We offer crushed, cubed, or rounds.

Bulk Ice

Priced per 100lbs.  You can never have enough ice!


Portable Bar

6’ (for 2 bartenders) – or 4’ (for 1 bartender). Delivery, set up, and return included.


Wine Stem, Champagne Flute, Cocktail/Rocks, and Beer glasses. Delivery and return are not included.

Drink Troughs and Large Coolers

Best for large events over 200. We like to keep things chill.

Draft taps and Beverage Dispensers

2 or 4 tap systems are available for beer, wine, and cocktails. Save time and money! 3-gallon dispensers for batched cocktails, Agua Frescas, and teas.