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Unforgettable Events, Handcrafted Cocktails

Forget ordinary drinks. We’re cocktail architects, weaving our magic to transform your event into an unforgettable experience. Whether you're planning a landmark corporate gathering or a dream wedding celebration, we bring the passion and expertise to make it truly special.

At TILT Cocktail Events, we pride ourselves on delivering a tailored bartending experience that suits the unique needs of every event. Our team of certified and trained professional bartenders is categorized into distinct skill levels to ensure your celebration receives the perfect blend of expertise and service.                                   

Note: Prices are based on a 3-hour service and can be adjusted based on event specifics, such as guest count, duration, and customization requirements. TILT Cocktail Events is committed to providing transparent pricing and ensuring the best value for our clients.

Basic Bartending:

Well-trained bartenders with essential skills in pouring and mixing basic drinks. Suitable for events where simplicity and cost-effectiveness are prioritized.

Beer and Wine Service: $225 per bartender

Dedicated bartenders for beer and wine service. Includes pouring sparkling wines, hard seltzers, RTD canned cocktails.
Suitable for events where the focus is on simplicity and a more casual atmosphere.

Quick Pours Service: $315 per bartender

Efficient bartenders for quick service of standard single mixer drinks.
Recommended for events with a large number of guests and a need for speedy service.

Experienced Bartending:

Skilled bartenders with higher expertise and proficiency in a broader range of cocktails. Ideal for events that demand a more polished and professional service.

Standard Cocktail Service: $405 per bartender

TILT Bartenders trained and skilled in mixing a variety of classic and specialty cocktails. Perfect for events where guests expect a diverse drink menu.


Mixologists offer an extensive knowledge of craft cocktails and cocktail science. Perfect for upscale events, weddings, and corporate gatherings seeking a top-tier experience.

Premium Craft Cocktail Service: $495 per bartender

Our mixologists are award winning and skilled in crafting high-quality, innovative cocktails. Tailored for upscale events, weddings, and corporate functions seeking a unique and refined beverage experience.

Additional Considerations:

Travel Fee: (depending on distance) Applied for events outside 30-mile radius from the downtown Dallas TILT Cocktail Events location.

Event Rentals: Includes portable bars, glassware, bar equipment and decor. 

Customized Hassle-Free Packages: Price Upon Request Tailored packages to meet your event's specific needs, including larger events or multi-day functions.

Your satisfaction is our priority, we can't wait to make your vision come to life. Contact us now, and let's start planning your extraordinary event together. 

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